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Workplace fire hazards – How The Compliance Genie can help reduce the risks.

Workplace fire hazards are a serious business. It could be something that seems so trivial, like a waste paper bin, or something more obviously dangerous, like a fire escape door being locked.

It’s not just the items around our work sites that cause workplace fire hazards, it’s also the actions we take that could cause a danger to life in the event of a fire.

Keeping fire risk assessments up to date and available for all members of staff to view, implement and amend where necessary, is paramount to ensure the safety of all those working on a site, whether this be a hospital, construction site or an office.

By utilising the Be-Safe Compliance Genie, you and your workforce can obtain, amend and carry out risk assessments that will identify, correct and reduce the risk of workplace fire hazards.

The Compliance Genie is an all-in-one health and safety app, available to access through any iOS and Android mobile device, tablet or desktop. This instant access anywhere allows for risks, instructions, incidents and reports to be identified, created or amended in real time, as you or your staff encounter a workplace fire hazard, carry out an assessment or update existing documents – this will be instantly available for other members of your team to view.

Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie is making working safely a reality for companies around the world. It’s an incredibly easy, user-friendly app, making it accessible to all workers and significantly streamlining the health and safety procedures of any business, in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Read more about the Compliance Genie’s comprehensive range of benefits and features that help to ensure companies keep track of any health and safety issues, but also enables your workforce to prevent accidents from happening in the first instance.

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