Be-Safe Health and Safety App

Be secure, be compliant, Be-Safe. The Be-Safe Health and Safety App is an innovative piece of technology that ensures your company remains secure, compliant and safe in all working environments.
Our Health and Safety App has detailed features, easy access for employees and contractors, and cross-platform usage, making your company’s health and safety management and compliance easier and more efficient than it’s ever been before. Would you like to know more about Be-Safe and our years of experience in Health & Safety and technology development? Check us out on our About page.

Be Secure

Our Compliance Genie is there to make compliance simple, to keep you updated on ever-changing rules and regulations, and to streamline health and safety procedures within your company.

Be Compliant

With a range of fantastic benefits, our app ensures that not only can you keep track of healthy and safety issues, you can prevent accidents from happening in the first instance.


Read on to discover the health and safety benefits your company can realise by adopting the Be-Safe Health and Safety App in your workplace.

What Is the Compliance Genie?

The Compliance Genie is the centrepiece of our Be-Safe Technologies’ All-in-One Health and Safety App. This dedicated H&S compliance software system allows you to better manage and keep track of health and safety across your company, including risk assessments, incident management, audits and documentation.
As the software is cloud based, access couldn’t be easier for you, your employees and your contractors, via a laptop, a tablet or a mobile! Simply download the Health and Safety App and its unique features will ensure safety and compliance quickly and easily, providing a solution to every problem. Watch our short video below to see how our Health and Safety App will help your company be secure, be compliant and be safe.

The right functions for you

Total health and safety functionality – digitally

Modular design

The Compliance Genie guarantees an easy user experience through its modular design, which allows for both depth and simplicity.

Intuitive and easy to use

Developed by experts in the health and safety industry, but streamlined for ease of use by anyone.

Future proof flexibility

Be-Safe Technologies constantly updates and evolves the Compliance Genie, ensuring it’s always up to date and future-proofed.

The Compliance Genie's Best Features

Risk Assessment

Carry out detailed risk assessments of the workplace with access to the most up-to-date health and safety laws and regulations.

On The Go

Compliance Genie is totally cloud-based, allowing you to access the software from desktops, tablets and mobile apps, wherever you are in the world.


Keep track of contractors, and keep track of qualifications and certifications to find the right person for the job.

Genie Portal

Easy access to data, logs, procedures, and up-to-date regulations for all employees and contractors that have access.

Incident Management

Keep track of all health and safety incidents, create detailed reports, and prevent accidents before they occur.

H & S Audit

Carry out, record and analyse detailed health and safety audits of the workplace through the app’s intuitive functions.

Whatever industry your business is in, wherever you are in the world, the Be-Safe Compliance Genie, with its H&S compliance software, can help ensure your company’s health and safety management now and in the future.

Be-Safe Technologies can provide the Compliance Genie as a comprehensive self-serve download, that’s easy to customise, or as a bespoke piece of software tailored specifically to your business. The Health and Safety App is adaptable to a wide range of industries, including:

Larger companies or projects can implement the Compliance Genie on a bespoke basis, specifically tailored to your health and safety requirements.
Management of health and safety at work can take place across any industry, sector, or business. No matter how big or how small your company, we have the solutions and tools to streamline your health and safety procedures.
The platform is cloud-based and can be programmed to operate in a wide range of languages, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, the Compliance Genie can help you.

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Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

If you are an SME then perhaps our self-serve option will be best?
OR if you are a larger company then click on the Enterprise version to find out more.