The Contractor Genie

A brand-new piece of software from Be-Safe Technologies Ltd, the company behind the award-winning App, The Compliance Genie

The Contractor Genie works as stand-alone software but will also fully integrate with The Compliance Genie. It will approve, manage and maintain all of your contractors in one place

Deliver Significant ROI by reducing admin & set-up

Centrally manage all approved supplier lists in one place

Intuitive supplier and visitor portal available 24/7

Create unlimited numbers of contractor and visitor profiles

Visitors/contractors can update their own profiles to reduce internal resources needed

Track all visitors/contractors to site

Easily manage approved contractors to ensure best and safest fit

Deliver induction content prior to visits to prevent bottlenecks

Define mandatory visitor requirements and ensure compliance before site vists

Define relevant requirements and competencies for supplier selection

Software that works

Intuitive Customer Portal

The Contractor Genie has a 24/7, 365 day available Portal that is clear and easy to use and for you to cutomise exactly as you need. It is also accessible for your contractors to update their information too!

Take a look inside the Contractor Genie

Never Chase Contractors For Their Credentials Again!

Improve Your Booking System For Site Visits And Inductions!

Don't Waste Time By Managing Visitors At Every Site Yourself!

Our Summary

You want the ability to manage new and existing contractors, to see which are approved, for what trades, and who are most suitable for jobs to be done by the contractors on behalf of the company – The Genie Does that!

The contractor record will contain information regarding the template requirements, evidence of the requirements and other documentation, contacts, locations, approval status scoring, and warnings issued for the contractor.

By using a dashboard, filtering functionality, and automated notifications, you will be able to use the system to identify and manage the contractors effectively and be notified of any changes in status or expirations.

Contractors will be able to receive notifications through email and the portal to enable them to keep records up to date as well as you. Requirements can be set by you and input can be completed by you or the contractor to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information.

There is a help section with guides and videos on how to operate the platform to limit the need for support resources. There is also a Help Desk.

You can create templates in the system for types of contractor e.g., groundwork, and types of trades e.g., waste removal. The company will then create new contractor records made from the templates and trades

The templates are made up of requirements that are defined by the company and will include a variety of different answering options including document upload and completion of questionnaires.

Contractors will interact with the Contractor Genie through their own part of the platform (the portal) where they can see requests, status of the contractor and trades, and other information as defined by the company. Here they will be able to upload requirements and submit for approval.

The platform will be wholly maintained by you as a self-serve platform and you will be able to change subscription settings to suit your needs.

NOTE! The system will be able to fully integrate into the Compliance Genie or operate independently. It’s up to you!

Automate your Supply Chain Management with The Contractor Genie.
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We've made major improvements to the service agreement interface to make it easier for you to create and edit them as needed. With our enhanced export feature, you can now directly export data to excel format from any table view. Set up docs.