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Why Tracking Staff Time and Attendance Improves Health and Safety

Let’s face it: the safety of our employees is always going to be at the forefront of our minds, no matter the environment in which they are working. We want the best for our business and our customers, and that can only happen when we give the right people the right tools and the right training. Ensuring those employees are as safe as possible when doing their job doesn’t just enable their best practices, but more efficient time management and a reduction in unnecessary costs.

The days of clocking in and out of a shift have evolved. Accounting for attendance is just one of the many ways Be-Safe can help you manage the health and safety needs of both your business and employees. Time and attendance tracking allow for quick headcounts while also providing a GPS stamped location for everyone on shift. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, the ability to account for your employees’ whereabouts is an essential asset.

It’s also a safeguard against unfounded complaints or accusations of misconduct. Sometimes a job doesn’t go as planned through no fault of your own. When you combine GPS and time stamped location for staff with Be-Safe’s Incident Management, you are not only streamlining your compliance process, preventing accidents and promoting a safer working environment, but you are creating a documented chain of record that safeguards both your employees and members of the public.

It doesn’t stop there, though. The biggest challenges employers face when it comes to creating a safe environment for their workers aren’t always the most obvious. By imputing your own KPIs within the Be-Safe dashboard, you set the standards for your business to meet and can monitor the productivity of everyone involved. Not only does that give you the big picture of where your business is at, but it also enables you to ensure compliances are met for remote workers. Do you have enough people on the job to complete it safely within the set timeframe? Are your employees getting the legally required downtime between shifts? Does their workload suggest increased levels of stress that needs monitoring?

A productive workforce is a safe workforce. It is efficient, generates more leads, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and increases your financial turnover.

Be-Safe makes getting there easy.

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