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Why Technology Is Vital in Uncertain Times

It’s too early to know exactly how life will be affected by the current covid-19 situation or how businesses will respond over the coming months. However, one thing is already clear: technology will play an even bigger part in our business and personal lives than it does right now.

Unsure how your business will move forward? These key trends will give you food for thought, whatever your line of work.

Online Shopping and Home Deliveries

This is nothing new, but the trend looks set to increase dramatically, as many consumers remain cautious about returning to the high street. Until now it tended to be the bigger businesses and major retailers that made home deliveries. Ongoing, small and medium enterprises will start to go the same way if they possibly can. Indeed, this may be the only way forward for them if substantial footfall is uncertain.

Local restaurants and small convenience stores are already making deliveries via services such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats, or even doing it themselves – a trend that’s unlikely to disappear any time soon. Inevitably, this will lead to the development of more smartphone-based apps that can be used by enterprises of all sizes. There are already many to chose from.

Contactless and Digital Payments

Cash has never been a clean option but now it’s wise to avoid it altogether. Contactless payments with bankcards are still handy, but e-wallets such as Apple Pay offer many advantages. It’s quick and easy and it’s more secure than using a card, as every transaction must be verified with a password, PIN or fingerprint scan.

Virtual Meetings and Remote Working

With rigorous travel restrictions and ongoing health concerns, this trend is here to stay. Applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype have already seen a huge growth in users. Indeed, by early April Zoom’s daily users had grown from 10 million to 200 million in around three months!

And of course, this technology is available for personal and business purposes so the potential is huge. From office-based organisations to fitness coaches and music teachers to family get-togethers – the list is endless and will continue to grow.

Distance Learning

There are already numerous apps and learning platforms available, but with schools and universities closed across the world the reliance on educational technology will surely grow. Indeed for many, education apps have become an essential tool rather than an additional resource. As some pupils start to in-person teaching, health issues are still a major concern, so virtual learning will continue to be part of the curriculum.

Entertainment and Live Streaming

This has gone to a whole new level. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Spotify have featured music, plays and TV shows for a long time. Now venues such as London’s South Bank Centre and the National Theatre are streaming plays, documentaries and discussions like never before. Sadler’s Wells is featuring dance shows and documentaries as well as live streaming dance workshops.

With no end in sight to the ban on large gatherings, it’s likely that musicians, actors and promoters will look to technology to help them reach their audience.

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