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Tired of Paper? How Technology Is Transforming Health and Safety Processes in the Workplace.

Health and Safety in the workplace is that hot topic that constantly pops up in the media. Whether it’s mental health issues, injuries in unsafe working environments, or catastrophic accidents where whole buildings have gone up in smoke, health and safety is always being reviewed, scrutinised, and new legislation brought about on what feels like a weekly basis.

It’s hard to keep up with it all, and even harder to make sure your company is being 100% compliant and your workforce constantly kept safe no matter which sector you work in. That’s why modern technology is being welcomed across the board to help businesses maintain great working relationships with the law and their staff.

Modern technology is moving health and safety forwards at a fantastic rate. From digital safety signs allowing live information and warnings on the roadside and work sites, to using drones allowing access to dangerous areas that are too hot, too cold, or too small for employees to access.

Modern technology is helping to create safer working environments, and it’s not just the physical tech! Innovation in digital software is also bringing about new safety measures and improvements to health and safety in the workplace. Whether it’s smart helmets full of sensors monitoring your work force’s body heat, heart rates and fatigue, or software designed to allow employers real-time visibility of their on-site staff. This innovative digital technology is where Be-Safe Technologies are striving forwards…but how might you ask?

We’ve all done it. We hear the words health and safety in the workplace, and we internally roll our eyes. We think of mountains of paperwork, chasing employees and contractors to submit their data, and then it’s the fun part…putting all the information together in an interesting and easy to understand way that keeps everyone, from a new employee to your top management, happy. It’s no wonder so many companies fall behind with these tasks, and let’s be honest, the litigation stakes associated with getting this wrong are crippling even to the biggest of businesses.

But what if we told you that new and exciting technology had been developed that made all of the above possible without the internal groaning?

What if we told you of technology that is so easy to use, it’s near impossible to have your staff and contractors not inputting their data themselves, without the headache of chasing them?

What if we told you all this amazing technology was in an easy to download app that can be used on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

It may sound like a dream, but we’re here to tell you that this dream is now a reality with Be-Safe Technologies’ The Compliance Genie!

In a time where technology is already making such vital improvements in health and safety in the workplace, why is it that the way we collect, store and present this data should be so behind the times?

Here at Be-Safe Technologies we’ve developed the Compliance Genie, the all-in-one health and safety app that makes live easier for our customers – in fact you can read some quotes from our customers on our home page.

The Compliance Genie digitises all that health and safety paperwork, into one easy to access place. The app is cloud based and can be downloaded onto a tablet or mobile phone and taken anywhere. So, when, for example, you’re carrying out a risk assessment on a building site, oil rig, factory, operating theatre- or anywhere – you can have the full task completed as you carry it out! No more clipboards and pages of paper to worry about losing, getting wet or blowing away. You digitally perform the ‘paperwork’ task as you carry out the health and safety task – saving on that laborious office time when you are eventually off-site.

The beauty of the Compliance Genie is that it allows all your staff and contractors to log in, perform these tasks and maintain health and safety in the workplace. Each person on-site can check in using our simple QR code solution, giving you as an employer full visibility of who is on-site, and peace of mind that tasks are being completed by those staff and contractors, so you’re not chasing up the paperwork each day, week, month or year. The health and safety app is so easy to use, as it’s been intuitively designed to empower your workforce and help ensure compliance.

Speaking of compliance, those updates to legislation and regulations, (important as they are), will never be missed again! Here at Be-Safe Technologies we are constantly updating the Compliance Genie with the most current legislation for all industries, so you never miss vital changes and can easily avoid litigation issues that can arise from this.

And now for the even more amazing part. The Compliance Genie takes the data you upload, customisable documentation on your company, checklists, assessments and processes, and organises them in real time into easy to access and understand documents. Everything is branded to your company and available 24 hours a day. Another health and safety task ticked off the list!

So, are you ready to alleviate the challenges of health safety in the workplace and make your company secure, compliant and safe? Why not get in touch with us at Be-Safe Technologies today and see how helpful the Compliance Genie really can be for YOUR company – Contact Us.

Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

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