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Stay Safe in the Workplace With Our Health and Safety Technology

It’s not about the technology; it’s about how people use it. Changing the way your team operates raises challenges. Software for health and safety, like Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie app, can help you collaborate on processes and promote deeper communication to connect your workplace. Digitally issued, reviewed, and signed documents and reports, including those for risk assessments, audits, inspections and safety briefings, ensuring everyone uses the latest updates and that management can see the business in real-time.

The modern workplace environment is becoming much simpler to navigate thanks to technology, and Be-Safe’s industry-leading software makes the necessary switch from manual to digital health and safety workplace reporting as straightforward as possible.

The Compliance Genie health and safety app from Be-Safe

Stay safe in the workplace with our Health and Safety technology by digitalising your checklists, instantly deploying RAMs, SOPs and capture sign-offs, managing induction delivery and equipment access. Give your management full visibility and ensure your employees are adequately qualified and trained.

Monitor staff time and attendance to improve health and safety

When you strengthen your workplace’s health and safety culture, compliance becomes easier. By empowering your employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe at all times, health and safety technology can aid in preventing accidents and encourage a safer work environment. By streamlining your ability to document occurrences, analyse data to identify root causes, and make the necessary process and procedure changes, you and your employees have the tools you need to make informed, safe decisions for your workplace.

Worker in a warehouse, Stay Safe in the Workplace With Our Health and Safety Technology | Be-Safe

Health and safety technology in the workplace serves more purposes than just enhancing employee productivity, improving on-site safety or obtaining more precise data. By adopting health and safety technology in your workplace you are also sending a message to your employees that their well-being is of fundamental importance to you and your business. When combined with clear communication lines and training, this assurance can have a phenomenally positive impact on the mental and physical health of everyone in the workplace.

The app, Stay Safe in the Workplace With Our Health and Safety Technology | Be-Safe

What makes Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie stand out from other health and safety technologies is the combination of over 150 years of experience that went into developing the app. This experience is applied in everything that makes Be-Safe and the Compliance Genie the effective and efficient health and safety management technology that’s best suited for you and your business.

Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

If you are an SME then perhaps our self-serve option will be best?
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