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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Increased People’s Awareness of Health and Safety in the Workplace.

The COVID-19 epidemic has challenged long-held beliefs about worker safety, health, and employee well-being. Heightened awareness of the risks associated with the Coronavirus has shone a spotlight on Health and Safety practices within the workplace in a way few things ever have, and prompted a revolutionary wave in worker welfare innovation.

As a result, organisations that responded to the pandemic by doubling down on their commitment to employee safety frequently report a more healthy and resilient workforce.

Prioritising Health and Safety in the workplace is not a new practice. It’s a well-documented fact that investing in robust Health and Safety training and procedures directly impacts performance, staff turnover, and overall business productivity. The Coronavirus and its impact on the workplace have forced companies to make decisive and dynamic commitments to protecting their employees. During this unpredictable and unprecedented time, the legal requirements many employers have had to adhere to in order to continue operating have created an unexpected knock-on effect.

Awareness and understanding begin with accessible education and clear communication. As concerns about the pandemic increased, more and more questions were being asked by employees and employers both. It was inevitable then that the global dialogue of concern would lead to a broader conversation about Health and Safety at work.

With many companies making drastic changes to their usual operating procedures, the focus on working conditions for infection control naturally lead to business-wide reassessments. An optimal balance that sees workplaces analysing daily challenges to identify unique solutions is somewhere between what was once considered ‘normal’ and the ‘new normal.’

Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie continues to be an invaluable platform for helping businesses adhere to legal and ethical standards while still promoting a supportive, productive work environment. Encouraging collaboration, consistent reporting, data analysis, and clear worker guidelines, the Compliance Genie puts businesses in control of their workplace Health and Safety.

The ability to be both decisive and adaptable might feel like a hard line to balance, but with Be-Safe, the solution is a lot more straightforward than you might fear.

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