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Hidden hazards in the office – and how to make it safer.

Office safety, sometimes referred to as workplace safety, ensures employees and visitors have a safe place to work. Every business has a legal obligation and a moral responsibility to encourage wellness and reduce the risk of workplace accidents that might cause property damage, personal injuries, or even fatalities.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), management should ensure that workers are informed of any workplace dangers, including loudness, poor ergonomics, faulty electrical lines, nonfunctional fire extinguishers, and a lack of emergency preparations that many employees might not be aware of. Tens of thousands of office workers already experience illnesses or injuries that may have been easily avoided if they had received the proper instruction and training.

Office space - Hidden Hazards in the Workplace - and How to Make it Safer.

But not all safety risks are readily apparent. Concealed risks can result in injuries, lost productivity, and other severe incidents. These hidden hazards in the office should be considered in every job.

We typically associate workplace safety with risks to physical health, such as falls or exposure to dangerous chemicals. However, there are also risks to mental health and emotional well-being. For instance, bullying and harassment can have a devastating emotional impact, resulting in low morale, decreased output, higher turnover, and – in severe circumstances — a higher risk of injury. Ensuring your workplace health and safety policy covers employee mental health is key to building a happier, safer workforce.

Meeting room - Hidden Hazards in the Workplace - and How to Make it Safer.

Overtime can have its uses and can benefit both employer and employee, but it is essential to remember that people make the most errors when they are sleep deprived and weary. Sending an employee home to rest when tired will increase their productivity, which will demonstrate to them that you care about their well-being. This, in turn, will improve your long-term productivity.

There are seldom enough electrical outlets in a workplace; extension cords are frequently required for at least one item. While a fantastic temporary remedy, it may quickly turn into a permanent answer, which is not safe. Extension cords pose a considerable and well-known trip danger. They also use a lot of power, which could cause a surge, an overloaded circuit, or even a power outage. Proper planning and installation can significantly reduce the dependency on extension cords.

Workplace risk assessment - Hidden Hazards in the Workplace - and How to Make it Safer.

When creating your workplace risk assessment, be sure not to discount these hidden hazards in the office. The Be-Safe Compliance Genie can help you build the best risk assessment for your workplace, and real-time accessibility will ensure your employees always have access to the latest health and safety information.

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