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Health and Safety Software System

Health and Safety Software System

At Be-Safe, we know the importance of maintaining safe and healthy working conditions in the construction business, which is why we created our top-of-the-line health and safety software system, the Be-Safe Compliance Genie.

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The Compliance Genie is made to assist you in streamlining your compliance processes, keeping track of threats, and making sure you are following the law. With the help of our software system, you can easily maintain a secure working environment for your staff, lowering the likelihood of accidents and pricey legal disputes.

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The Compliance Genie includes tools for risk assessment, incident reporting, training management, and audit management, among other health and safety compliance topics. Using our risk assessment tool, you can identify possible risks, assess their severity, and take the necessary action to lessen them. The Compliance Genie allows you to monitor everything that happens at work, look for trends, and resolve problems.

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You may also manage staff training records and guarantee that everyone has received the instruction required to perform their jobs securely. Use The Compliance Genie to handle audit findings and track corrective steps to make sure your workplace complies with all health and safety laws.

A man typing on a laptop, Health and safety software system

At Be-SafeTech, we believe that our health and safety software system is the key to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. The Compliance Genie was created to assist you in preventing incidents, stopping them before they happen, and making sure you're following all the rules.

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Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

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