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Health and safety failings cost companies millions in fines – how The Compliance Genie can help keep your company out of the headlines.

In recent years, businesses have been hit with hefty penalties and even legal action because of health and safety violations. These incidents frequently make the news, which can harm a business’s brand and result in unfavourable outcomes like financial losses, a decline in consumer loyalty, and even legal action from aggrieved parties.

One such example is the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017, which claimed 72 lives and forced hundreds of others to flee their homes. The company Arconic, which provided the tower’s cladding, continues to face legal troubles for its role in the catastrophe.

Other incidents involving health and safety violations that resulted in sizeable financial penalties include a construction company that was fined £1.6 million after a worker fell from a height and suffered severe injuries, and a packaging company that was fined £2 million after a worker lost an arm in a machinery accident.

Companies must prioritise workplace health and safety since the financial and reputational effects of such occurrences can be severe. The Compliance Genie can be helpful here.

The Compliance Genie assists businesses in making sure they are adhering to all necessary health and safety standards and criteria. It accomplishes this by offering a number of features, including:

  • Enabling companies to build and maintain a comprehensive database of health and safety regulations and guidelines, including industry-specific requirements.
  • It helps you create customisable checklists and templates to help companies ensure that they are complying with all relevant regulations.
  • Risk assessment tools to help identify and mitigate potential health and safety hazards, then share those risk assessments with all employees and contractors via the cloud.
  • Allow you to use a time-stamped reporting function to track and document compliance efforts and any incidents that occur.

Companies can proactively identify and handle any possible health and safety issues utilising The Compliance Genie before they become a problem. In addition to reducing the likelihood of incidents and accidents, this can significantly reduce the cost of potential fines and legal fees for businesses.

Employing The Compliance Genie has both financial and reputational advantages for businesses. Events that result in penalties and legal action frequently make the news. They can harm a business’s reputation, which can have detrimental effects, including financial losses, a loss of clients, and even legal action from impacted parties. Companies can prevent such unfavourable outcomes and safeguard their reputation by proactively addressing health and safety issues.

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