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Foster a culture of safety in your workplace with The Compliance Genie.

Developing and fostering a ‘culture of safety’ in the workplace has been adopted by many companies to ensure all employees share values and perceptions to commit to the health and safety procedures, not only of their industry, but of their company.

When a company fosters a culture of safety, they are ensuring that minimising harm to their employees, buildings and visitors, is a combined effort by all those on-site, and that everyone is empowered by having the knowledge and tools to implement safe behaviour and procedures.

By engaging with the Compliance Genie from Be-Safe Technologies, a business is not only creating a health and safety real time database and tool kit for their company, they are also creating a network that each and every employee can access. This access is pivotal in order to obtain information, update risk assessments and procedures and find content-rich inductions featuring videos, documents, and even checklists ensuring each member of staff is qualified and trained to do the tasks at hand.

Creating a culture of safety in your workplace creates a different mindset within your staff. It encourages having an awareness of hazards, knowing how to identify and report them so they can be rectified, or procedures put in place to lower the risk they pose as much as possible. Creating this culture can be achieved with the help of The Compliance Genie.

The all-in-one health and safety app is easy to use, accessible from any iOS and Android mobile device, tablet or desktop, and has a wealth of features, such as incident reporting, risk assessments, upload and access to documentation, and managing equipment, alongside training, audits and GPS time stamping.


To learn more about how Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie can help your company stay safe, secure and compliant, why not get in touch today? We’re able to offer the all-in-one health and safety app as a comprehensive self-serve download, that’s easy to customise, or as a bespoke piece of software tailored specifically to your business – no matter which industry you operate within.

Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

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