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The annual cost of work-related injury and new cases of ill health in 2018/2019 for employers was a staggering £16.2 billion!

Date: Nov 15, 2021, Blog

The annual cost of work-related injury and new cases of ill health in 2018/2019 for employers was a staggering £16.2 billion! The All-in-One Health and Safety App from Be-Safe allows you to track and record your employees location, offers a Sign IN and sign OUT wherever they are with total accuracy. Giving you transparency and reliable data, so you have a full picture of workplace activity.


In 2020, 29% of all workplace accidents have been workers falling from a height.

Date: Nov 08, 2021, Blog

Real time Incident reporting can help your company - and save lives too.


Stay Safe and Secure and Compliant - and you will never have to face litigation or fines.

Date: Aug 15, 2021, Blog

The harsh reality is that if your company is found guilty of breaking health and safety legislation there is not only a two-year prison sentence for the director(s) responsible but also the unlimited maximum fine you can receive (on its own or as well as the prison sentence), and the cost of any compensation orders!


5 Ways to Ensure a Covid Safe Return to Work with Be-Safe Technologies’ Health and Safety App

Date: Jun 16, 2021, Blog

The working world has changed dramatically in response to the global pandemic of Covid 19. Suddenly workplaces became empty spaces, colleagues became distant images through laptop screens and our overall awareness of personal safety became on high alert.


Tired of Paper? How Technology Is transforming Health and Safety Processes in the Workplace.

Date: Apr 09, 2021, Blog

Health and Safety in the workplace is that hot topic that constantly pops up in the media. Whether it’s mental health issues, injuries in unsafe working environments, or catastrophic accidents where whole buildings have gone up in smoke, health and safety is always being reviewed, scrutinised, and new legislation brought about on what feels like a weekly basis.


Fall Protection on Site - Are you prepared?

Date: Mar 02, 2021, Blog

Safety should be the priority on any construction site, as every build is full of potential hazards. Fall-related injuries are particularly common, but the potential for problems is greatly reduced by following a robust health and safety strategy. By identifying the hazards and implementing sensible and easy to understand procedures, your site and your employees will be far safer, and they’ll be able to work more efficiently.


What Is a Risk Assessment and Why Do You Need One?

Date: Feb 17, 2021, Blog

Whatever the nature of your business, risk assessments are essential to keep your employees, visitors and workplace safe. It’s also a legal requirement for employers of five or more people. As such, this ensures your business is compliant with its statutory duty as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. There are no specific rules as to how they should be carried out. However, there are established general principles to guide you through the procedure and bespoke digital solutions to streamline, document and monitor the process.


How to Identify Common Hazards in the Workplace

Date: Jan 27, 2021, Blog

Before implementing health and safety procedures, you first need to assess exactly where the hazards lie. Every workplace has potential hazards, whatever the nature of your business. Some will be obvious and others less so, but you still need to hunt them out and take appropriate measures to manage them safely. The specifics will be different for each business, but the four categories below broadly cover all eventualities


The Grim Consequences of Poor Health and Safety Procedures

Date: Jan 07, 2021, Blog

There’s no excuse for cutting corners when it comes to health and safety. And yet, without a comprehensive, cross-platform system that’s simple to use and straightforward to update, it’s all too easy for serious incidents to occur. The consequences of non-compliance can be far-reaching indeed, and not just for the people involved in the incident itself. Workers, managers and senior directors may all be held accountable, depending on circumstances, and the future stability of your company could be seriously undermined. Here’s the result of inadequate health and safety procedures.


Safety in the Workplace and Mental Health

Date: Dec 11, 2020, Blog

Following health and safety protocols is essential for your business. It protects everyone, allows your business to operate efficiently and remain compliant, and it’s the law. However, health and safety protocols tend to focus primarily on physical procedures, whilst mental health issues often end up on the back burner.


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