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5 Ways to Ensure a Covid Safe Return to Work with Be-Safe Technologies’ Health and Safety App

The working world has changed dramatically in response to the global pandemic of Covid 19. Suddenly workplaces became empty spaces, colleagues became distant images through laptop screens and our overall awareness of personal safety became on high alert.

Now over a year since the message ‘stay home’ was released by governments all over the world, 2021 begins to see a slow and cautious return of staff and contractors to the workplace. But as expected, feelings are running high to ensure a safe return to work for everyone. New legislation is being produced pretty much daily on the ideal number of staff in a workspace, what additional PPE should be available, and the level of reporting and risk assessments required to comply with the new rules.

As an employer it can feel like running through a mine field trying to keep up to date, to ensure a safe return to work for everyone, whilst complying to all the new rules and trying to successfully run your business in a time that has seen some of the worst financial years for so many companies.

So, the question becomes how can you keep up and comply with legislation, not just of new Covid safety, but health and safety generally with the addition of Covid safety measures, whilst running your business successfully and maintaining confidence with your employees that a safe return to work is possible?

Here at Be-Safe Technologies we have developed the The Compliance Genie, a fantastic, easy to set up and use health and safety app for employers, employees and contractors to use, anytime, anywhere. With up-to-date legislation, no matter which industry you work in, easy access on any smart mobile or tablet device, and the ability to update policies and risk assessments in real time, the Compliance Genie really is an all-in-one health and safety saviour.

In this new world of heightened personally safety at work, here are 5 ways the health and safety app will be your ticket to a stress free, safe return to work for you, your staff and contractors:

  1. Your company can apply its own branding to the pre-designed templates, or a complete bespoke design of documents can be created. These can then be used to add your company’s specific policies and health and safety rules, allowing updates by your company whenever required. This gives you the ability to add additional Covid safety measurements that your company would like to implement easily and quickly.
  2. The Compliance Genie app can be accessed on any smart mobile phone or tablet device. This means your employees and contractors can download the app to their device, access all the legislation and risk assessments they require to maintain compliance whilst working. The app also allows those with access to update and create new risk assessments in real time when they are required. This means all risks – and we know as we return to workspaces in these new Covid aware times more risks will become apparent – can be assessed and a safe response created quickly and efficiently.
  3. By empowering your employees to be active and responsible easily and efficiently by having access to the app on their own devices, you are reducing multiple use of shared devices. Therefore, reducing the possible transfer of Covid 19 through multiple contact on surfaces. The access also promotes awareness and confidence with your staff, that all is being done, even going beyond PPE, to ensure a safe return to work for all the workforce.
  4. Maintaining real time monitoring of how many members of staff and contractor are onsite. With an easy to log in programme, the Compliance Genie allows you as an employer to actively see in real time, how many people are onsite in the workplace. This gives you greater awareness and control of maintaining Covid Safe numbers that have been suggested for the size of your workspace. In addition, this tool is a brilliant way of knowing who is where and when on your work site if ever issues do arise with health and safety.

So yes, the new normal may seem a far cry from the normal we once knew, but with the help of Be-Safe Technologies and the Compliance Genie all-in-one health and safety app, you can be assured that you are secure and compliant when it comes to a safe return to work for you and your staff, for Covid safety measures and beyond.

To see how we can help you maintain health and safety in the workplace with the Compliance Genie, please Get In Touch today – and ask about our FREE trial!

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