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In 2021, 1.7 Million People Suffered From Work-related Ill-health

The Health and Safety Executive’s annual report on Health and Safety Statistics is essential reading for any business looking to understand the associated risks of their workplace. The HSE’s latest findings report 1.7 million people suffering from work-related illnesses. When we dive deeper into that figure, an alarming trend reveals itself.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, a record 93,000 workers who suffered from the virus believed they were likely exposed to coronavirus while carrying out their employment.

A further 470,000 workers were reported to be suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. This number has shown a slow decline in the last ten years. The HSE reports a direct correlation between reducing the number of individual cases and improvement in legislation.

However, perhaps the most alarming figure from the report is the 822,000 workers suffering from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. For workers to be almost twice as vulnerable to mental health-related maladies as they are to physical injury is a jarring indication that there is still room for significant improvement.

While there is a case to be argued that increasing awareness and understanding is directly related to the rapid rise in reported cases, the reality is clear: employers have just as much responsibility to safeguard their employee’s mental health as they do their physical health.

This is where Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie comes into its own. Ensuring you are continually operating with best practices, and in line with the HSE’s latest regulations, the Compliance Genie is not just a tool to help you manage and mitigate risk within the workplace but a stamp of competency and consistency that can help put your employee’s minds at ease.

When there are clear and transparent procedures to adhere to and a straightforward, user-friendly tool to manage projects, you can ensure a cohesive workplace. As well as promoting excellent time management, accountability, and training, the Compliance Genie dramatically reduces the stress and uncertainty that your employees might face in a less organised workplace.

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