Construction health and safety software

Construction Health and Safety Software

Construction Health and Safety Software

Be-Safe is your one-stop-shop for construction health and safety software solutions. At Be-Safe, we are aware of how essential it is to keep the construction industry's workplaces safe and healthy. Our top-of-the-line health and safety compliance software, the Be-Safe Compliance Genie, was developed because we understand how important it is to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

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The Compliance Genie is designed to assist you in streamlining your compliance procedures, monitoring threats, and ensuring that you are abiding by the law. You can simply manage your construction site and ensure the security of your workers with The Compliance Genie.

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Risk evaluation, incident reporting, training management, and audit management are just a few of the health and safety compliance topics that The Compliance Genie addresses. You can spot potential risks, evaluate risk levels, and implement suitable risk mitigation strategies using The Compliance Genie.

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You can monitor all accidents that occur on your building site with the Compliance Genie, identify trends, and make necessary corrections. Additionally, you can keep track of employee training records and guarantee that everyone has received the instruction required to perform their tasks safely. You can organise audits, handle audit outcomes, and monitor corrective actions using The Compliance Genie. This ensures that all health and safety regulations are followed at your construction location.

Construction health and safety software

Our construction health and safety software, The Compliance Genie, is what Be-Safe believes is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy workplace in the construction sector.  

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We've made major improvements to the service agreement interface to make it easier for you to create and edit them as needed. With our enhanced export feature, you can now directly export data to excel format from any table view. Creates contacts in your accounting system if the contacts being invoiced do not exist in the accounting system.