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Stay Safe, Secure and Compliant – And You Will Never Have to Face Litigation or Fines.

The harsh reality is that if your company is found guilty of breaking health and safety legislation there is not only a two-year prison sentence for the director(s) responsible but also the unlimited maximum fine you can receive (on its own or as well as the prison sentence), and the cost of any compensation orders!

Only this week a vertical farming, glasshouses and energy company has been sentenced after a worker came into contact with an 11kV overhead power line and fined 333 THOUSAND pounds!

We see it in the media every day, another accident, another lawsuit, another fine of such amounts that, sometimes, it is impossible for most businesses to recover (financially or reputationally). Plus, could you deal with the guilt of someone being seriously harmed if your company is negligent?

This is potentially the price we pay for not keeping our health and safety in check. And let’s be honest, no one is trying to avoid health and safety. The issues most companies face is trying to find the time to update everything, file it correctly and ensure everyone is doing their job…which usually comes down to one person – the business owner or an appointed health and safety officer, which if you have a big company, is a big ask! But there is a solution, a practical and affordable way to make these situations completely avoidable…

Avoid litigation by digitising your health and safety paperwork and procedures!

Sounds obvious right? Yet how many of us:

  • Are putting off the paperwork?
  • Keep meaning to put that member of staff through that required training?
  • Keep reminding ourselves that ‘we must’ catch up with the health and safety officer about updating risk assessments?

All these are good intentions – but if not acted upon – will, of course, produce no results.

The question we should all be asking is, how do you move these intentions into a reality of actions, that ensure your business avoids litigation and keeps health and safety up to date and compliant? Therefore, never allowing you or your company to receive any fines or prison time. Be-Safe Technologies has the answer:

Here at Be-Safe Technologies, our specialist team, with over 150 years combined experience, have developed the All-in-One Health and Safety App – The Compliance Genie , and the Genie will be your best friend when it comes to maintaining health and safety in the workplace.

The Compliance Genie can be used in any industry, anywhere in the world, at any time. Forget the never-ending filing cabinets of legislation and documentation. Upload them all to your Compliance Genie Library, for quick and easy access – plus everything is in PDF form with an automatically assigned QR code, so you can send, print and share easily with others.

Set up risk assessment forms and templates for documentation, which can be fully customised to your company’s needs.

As The Compliance Genie app is accessible from any smart phone or tablet device, you can empower your staff to carry out health and safety work, risk assessments and training on the job, onsite, in real time – and know exactly when they checked in and out and where they are on site. Not taking notes on a clipboard then having to remember and write it all up when they eventually get back to an office – which, especially if you work long shifts or on sites that are less accessible, is a huge time saving bonus.

So, if you want to avoid litigation and remove the risk of fines associated with health and safety legislation in your company, contact Be-Safe Technologies today.

Which version of the Compliance Genie will suit you?

If you are an SME then perhaps our self-serve option will be best?
OR if you are a larger company then click on the Enterprise version to find out more.