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PPE at Work – Who is responsible?

What’s the essential part of your business? The brand, perhaps? Your reputation? The output and your success? Your annual turnover? In reality, all the things that make your company great and the many pieces that click together to form that successful whole depend entirely on the people working for you. From the biggest multinational to the smallest start-up, a company is an empty shell without the people working hard and putting their effort into succeeding.

The top businesses in the world all have one thing in common: they value and care for their employees, whether this involves paying competitive wages and offering perks and healthcare plans or making the office a joyful and enjoyable place to work. Above all else, maintaining your employees’ safety at work is the most crucial aspect of caring for your team.

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Workplaces are hazardous environments, with thousands of employees suffering injuries or, in some cases, even fatalities every year. Laws like the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and the 2002 Personal Protective Equipment Regulations have established employers’ obligation to ensure their employees’ safety.

It is the responsibility of each individual business to guarantee that these rules are followed and to not only comply with the law but put into practice the safety standards necessary to protect all of the company’s assets. Personal protection equipment, or PPE as it is more generally known, is one of the most important ways to accomplish this.

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PPE at work is required by law to keep employees safe. The kind of equipment needed will differ depending on a number of variables, including the working environment, the risks involved, and the particular duties being carried out. To ensure you’re covering all your bases, it’s best to conduct a complete risk assessment to determine what type of PPE at work equipment may be required.

It makes sense to invest in your team in order to grow your business, and part of that investment includes giving them the best PPE available. By using Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie, you can ensure your risk assessments are always up to date and circulated among your employees, which, along with providing PPE, will go a long way towards keeping your team and your business safe.

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