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Display Screen Equipment – is your computer making you ill?

Any gadget with a screen, including laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers, is referred to as display screen equipment (DSE). To safeguard employees’ well-being and adhere to important legal requirements, it is imperative to reduce health and safety display screen equipment hazards.

An employee with a migraine, Display Screen Equipment - Is Your Computer Making You Ill?

To lower the risk of pain or injury, employers must ensure that they provide a properly configured workstation that supports your posture if you use these devices in the workplace. To work comfortably, it’s critical to be aware of the best practise recommendations for working with DSE, especially if you do so from home.

Employers are required by law to ensure that measures are in place to lower the risk to employees under the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations of 1992. It specifically describes workers who continuously operate DSE equipment for an hour or longer. Employers are obligated under this law to:

· Set up a suitable workstation

· Monitor the frequency of the employees’ breaks

· If requested, arrange for an eye exam

· Provide reasonable instruction on properly operating equipment

An office worker taking a call in front of dual screens, Display Screen Equipment - Is Your Computer Making You Ill?

Inappropriate use of DSEs can result in eye strain, weariness, and back, shoulder, and neck pain. Incorrect seating, such as sitting at the wrong height or slouching over a laptop screen, can lead to upper-body stiffness and discomfort. The wrists and hands might also be affected by a faulty setup. Without enough breaks, prolonged screen use puts strain on the eyes, which can cause weariness.

Repetitive chores, high workloads, and poor screen use frequently combine to develop ongoing health issues. If these issues are not resolved, they may develop into chronic discomfort, headaches, or musculoskeletal conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries.

Employees must be accountable for their health and safety while using display screen technology, even though the employer must provide an appropriate workstation and enough training. Following the advice provided during DSE training may ensure that employees are performing jobs with the proper posture, alignment, and tempo.

These are the crucial factors to take into account:

· Using a chair that supports your back

· Putting your display monitor at eye level to prevent you from squinting

· Ensuring that your feet may easily rest on the ground

· Using the proper lighting

· Taking an hourly break from the computer

A tired employee in front of her laptop, Display Screen Equipment - Is Your Computer Making You Ill?

As an employer, you should ensure your Health and Safety Risk Assessments are fully updated with proper DSE requirements, then share them with your team via the Be-Safe Compliance Genie.

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