Cloud Based Health and safety software from Be-Safe

The Compliance Genie

All-in-One Health and Safety Software from Be-Safe

Cloud Based Health and Safety Software

Every company’s health and safety activities need to be recorded and monitored - by law. Thanks to the Compliance Genie, Be-Safe's multi-award-winning Health and Safety Software, digitising your H & S processes has never been easier - or more efficient or cost-effective.


Cloud-Based Management

The Compliance Genie, accessible from desktop and mobile devices and available in Google and Apple App stores, allows you to assign tasks, make reminders, and receive notifications for essential compliance operations anywhere. Users can record incidents, and audits, add pertinent files and comments in real-time, update tasks simply as they proceed, and ensure that every activity is securely recorded in one location.


Our Health and Safety Software features 

The Compliance Genie is the best digital solution for managing all apsects of health and safety, covering everyone from your office staff to your on-site workers - and contractors too. With the Compliance Genie, there is no need to use paper to keep track of your health and sfatey processes. Get complete visibility of your all your processes in one place - accessible 24/7.

Single Source Solution

Usability is at the heart of the Compliance Genie. All your health and safety data can be stored in Be-Safe’s secure cloud-based system, eliminating time-consuming paper-based systems. Using the app to keep thorough records of all everything from audits, to risk assessments to incident reports means you won’t ever have to waste time looking for lost files again.


Assign tasks to users

To ensure the accuracy of your auditing and compliance procedures, you can assign tasks to users, making it simple for them to follow up. You can also set reminders for upcoming auditing duties and escalate issues for sign off and action.


Cloud Based Health and Safety Software, Health and Safety Software System | Be-Safe Technologies

Analyse and amend incident reports in real-time

Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie can manage risk assessments, and help users quickly and accurately construct incident reports, save, analyse, and amend them in real time. You can record accidents on customisable forms stored directly in the cloud on your dashboard.

Rapid reporting, cloud based health and safety software from Be-Safe

Rapid Reporting

The Compliance Genie’s rapid reporting encourages autonomous management from your team, helping you to give your staff the means to manage and report events swiftly and easily.

multi award winning cloud based health and safety software from Be-Safe

Multi Award Winning

It isn't just us that thinks The Compliance Genie is good! As well as winning AI’s Business Excellence Award for Best Health & Safety Management Platform 2022, Be-Safe’s Compliance Genie has a track record of award-winning excellence to give you the peace of mind that your health and safety management is in good hands. 

internationally recognised, cloud based health and safety software from Be-Safe

Internationally Recognised

The Compliance Genie’s all-in-one Health and Safety Management Platform is used across the UK and around the globe. Used by companies including Burger King, Gymshark, and Grant Engineering UK, our cloud-based software makes it possible to sync across desktop, iOS, and Android platforms worldwide, and in any language.

Take charge of health and safety in the workplace.

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