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The Benefits of Health and Safety Technology

With laws on health and safety standards constantly changing, employers must keep up with the latest developments. New technology is providing exciting solutions to keep your business safe and compliant, and it improves efficiency and costs.

Here are some of the main innovations that are transforming the workplace.

3D Visualisation

Many workplaces are potentially hazardous, particularly in manufacturing and construction. Fortunately, advances in 3D technology help to minimise the dangers. A 3D representation of any area can be made with a combination of photographic imagery and laser scanning.

Indeed, specialist software allows the user to quickly scan an area in a few minutes to create an accurate 3D model of the workplace. This allows employees to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, identify potential hazards, safe zones and exit routes, before they go on site. Designers and managers can also check ongoing work without the need to enter the area, as 3D imagery is accurate to the millimetre.

Wearable Tech

This is an exciting and innovative way to monitor the safety of an individual and the workplace in general. Sensors worn on jackets or hard hats can monitor a host of situations. Heart rate, proximity to dangerous machinery or toxic substances, for example.

This is useful in so many industries from construction and manufacturing to paramedics and firefighters. This tech can even measure things such as posture – a major cause of ill health in sedentary office environments.

By identifying risks before they become a problem, wearable tech enables employers to design the workplace with health and safety in mind.

Drone Technology

Drones have numerous uses and all of them have health and safety benefits. Site surveys and progress checks can be done quickly and accurately, and they are far less prone to error than humans. They are a particularly handy tool in areas where hidden dangers such as toxic materials may be present.

Risk assessments can be done within minutes to swiftly identify potential issues, not just on site but in the surrounding area, such as damage to adjacent property, noise pollution, interference with aircraft, or injury to passers-by.

Digital Signage

Safety information was traditionally displayed with a poster on a noticeboard. It wasn’t very eye-catching and certainly wasn’t interesting. Happily, this has all changed with the use of digital signage, which provides moving content via dynamic screens. This can be controlled by managers remotely or take the form of touch screen or voice-activated displays, so the staff in the workplace can access safety guidance or training information.

This is a much more engaging way of communicating rather than large bodies of text, and it’s more likely to be understood and acted upon quickly. Digital signage also provides guidance instantly about specific situations, which is vital when safety information needs to be conveyed.

Be Safe, Comfortable and Productive – Whatever Your Business

Monitoring the workplace allows employers to provide an environment that’s tailor-made for their staff. It isn’t just about building sites and factories. Ergonomics technology has led to the innovative design of office furniture with standing desks and comfortable chairs to improve posture and ease fatigue.

Interactive apps are used for training, reporting and supervising, which keeps everyone up to date with daily tasks and procedures. This improves communication and productivity, minimises risk, reduces costs and helps your staff to comply with health and safety regulations.

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