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The Benefits of Good Visitor Management

An efficient system for visitor management should be a key part of every workplace, whether office, factory, construction site or public utility. It’s essential not just for the visitors’ experience but for the company as a whole, yet too often this is overlooked.

A well-organised system is necessary to avoid all manner of health and safety issues, and it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your organisation to your visitors. Here are the main points to consider.

Health and Safety for Visitors and Employees

Visitors to your premises must be made aware of health and safety regulations on arrival. This can include information about hazards such as construction areas, offices under renovation, faulty lifts, busy loading bays, or any area where injury can occur if not negotiated correctly.

Clear instructions about where to go and what to avoid prevents visitors from going astray and ensures that employees aren’t put at risk. This is always important, but particularly now, when correct social distancing measures must be observed to protect from covid-19. All workplaces must provide clear and rigorous guidance, so ensure your visitors are aware of the protocols from the outset.

Protects in Emergencies

Accidents and emergencies can occur whatever the nature of your business. Fire, chemical leaks, or terrorist incidents require everyone on the premises to evacuate or shelter in an appropriate location.

A comprehensive digital log of visitors helps to account for everyone on-site and ensures no one is left behind. For example, evacuation instructions can be sent by text to a visitors’ phone, and managers and first responders can locate someone who needs help.

Data and Property Protection

The old method of a signing-in book is hardly the best way of keeping personal data safe. A digital system logs names, contact details and times, but keeps this information safe and secure.

This also protects your physical and intellectual property. Any workplace is full of laptops, phones and tools. There’s probably sensitive data as well, and this can be useful to a competitor or indeed a journalist – new products or marketing strategies perhaps.

A robust visitor management system tells you exactly who’s around and prevents unwelcome guests or wandering delivery drivers from getting carried away. You can even ask visitors to sign a non-disclosure agreement if appropriate.

Keep Out Unauthorised People

Unfortunately, not every visitor is welcome. Pushy salespeople, reporters or disgruntled ex-employees and customers all need to be carefully managed and certainly can’t march around the building at will.

This can be avoided simply by thoroughly checking their identity and purpose of visit on arrival and verifying with the relevant staff member.

Audit Trail

A visitor management system provides a comprehensive log of all your visitors. Names, dates, times and contact details give you a permanent record. This is essential in any environment – offices, factories, construction, government departments and schools. And, in the event of any legal dispute or criminal investigation, your visitor database will have you covered by recording everyone who was present and who was in charge at any given time.

Keep Everyone Safe and Impress Your Visitors

A good visitor management system keeps everyone safe and saves time for guests and staff alike. And, never forget that first impressions count. A speedy and efficient visitor experience will impress your guests and reassure them that health and safety is your number one priority.

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